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When you are seeking expert witnesses for litigation matters, it is paramount to hire highly credentialed professionals with many years of experience in the specific field of study that your case involves.

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Real Estate Expert Witness Services

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Benefits of a Real Estate Expert Witness

LITILI has been providing attorneys, insurance companies, and other agencies with the top expert witnesses in real estate and the related fields for years. We have a network of highly qualified experts who are available for litigation and consultation services.

We have real estate expert witnesses in a variety of fields including: appraisals, developers, and general contractors. LITILI can help you defend your case concerning any type of real estate property, whether it is commercial, residential, or for municipal purposes.

Real estate expert witness, get your expert.

When a Real Estate Expert Witness is Key to Building Your Case

A real estate license alone doesn’t build a strong real estate litigation case. From listing disputes and contracts to mortgages and fraud; our experts are ready to testify. Our group of experts include successful professionals from all aspects of residential and commercial real estate across multiple industries.

You may need a real estate expert witness for the following areas:

Homebuilder Disputes

Brokerage Disputes

Disclosure Standards

Joint Venture & Partnerships

Conflict of Interest Issues

Air Quality


Land Development Issues

Development Constraint Issues

Environmental Compliance

Land Acquisition Analysis

Molds & Fungus

Soil & Water Contamination

Sound Quality


Tree Root Damage

Industry Customs & Practices

Project Management Issues

Tree Safety

Fiduciary Duties

Entitlement Issues & Constraints

Standard of Care Issues

LLC Operating Agreements

GPA & Zoning Issues

Real Estate Expert Witness Specialty Fields at LITLI Group

Our real estate expert witnesses cover a wide array of specialties and fields across multiple aspects of the real estate market.

Real Estate Field Experts
Commercial Real Estate
Residential Real Estate
Municipal Real Estate
Multi Units
Apartment Complexes
Real Estate Field Experts
Modular Real Estate

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