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When you are seeking expert witnesses for litigation matters, it is paramount to hire highly credentialed professionals with many years of experience in the specific field of study that your case involves.

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Our Free Case Summary Review is helpful in lining up the right experts and getting feedback from them prior to the record review on your case. For this free service, please complete and submit the intake form below so we can share your detailed summary with experts right away.

Benefits of a LITILI Group Expert Case Review

LITILI Group has hundreds of expert witnesses to review and prepare opinions and reports in the expert witnesses respective specialties. Our case review option (in-house review) is suited for the client that does not know what type of expert(s) is needed. This prior objective opinion helps our clients and their clients save precious time and resources. For example, if you receive an opinion from an expert witness in one field of specialization without knowing the entirety of the case, you risk having an expert witness report that doesn’t fully support your case.

Our experienced legal consultants discuss the relevant issues of your case, this helps to ensure your client will understand their case and name potential defendants and the type of expert(s) that you may want to consider reviewing your client’s case.  

Our case review is especially helpful when the critical issues of your case are particularly diverse or complex or if there is more than one potential defendant.

This report is prepared by one of our in-house consultants and not discoverable. We will not disclose the name, CV, or a signed report to you.  Please note, this is simply a confidential work product opinion.

Our case reviews are unsigned, confidential, attorney work product privileged reports. Our team will help you understand the points of your case and when you need to hire an expert to assist with your case. 

Let Our Experts Find Your Expert.

Finding the perfect expert witness for your case can be challenging and time consuming. Our team has decades of experience and our experts are highly credentialed and currently practice in their respective fields. Let us get you on the right path to getting the expert witness you need.