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When you are seeking expert witnesses for litigation matters, it is paramount to hire highly credentialed professionals with many years of experience in the specific field of study that your case involves.

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Make the most of your professional expertise by joining the LITILI Group. We can help you connect with the cases and law firms that need just the kind of experience and knowledge you offer.

What can LITILI do for You?

Litigation Legal Insight offers legal support services by connecting attorneys to expert witnesses and providing assistance by organizing and analyzing case documentation. If called upon as an expert witness for LITILI, you may be asked to conduct courtroom presentations, analyze relevant documents, and provide your expert opinion either in court or behind the scenes.

New Growth Opportunities

Become a leader in your community and learn about new technology.

Additional Revenue Streams

Diversify your practice, multiply your case load, and work from anywhere.

Professional Administrative Support

LITILI manages all your legal appointments and schedule.

Showcase Your Expertise and Talents.

Serving as an expert witness means sharing your expertise with the world and being part of the most important business and commercial cases of our time. Experts join us because they want to expand their reputation and work with many of the world’s brightest legal minds on important cases.

Monetize Your Experience.

You’ve spent years developing your skills and talents. Take the opportunity to share your expertise on critical technical, commercial and business matters and be compensated for your time. Many of our experts utilize their experiences in their occupations to pursue building an expert witness portfolio. For others, working occasionally outside of their current positions enables them to augment their income and stretch their intellectual talents.

Are You an Expert?

Our clients come to us because they need the very best experts to win their cases – and we deliver. Our experts include leading professionals, industry leaders and some of the brightest minds in medical practices, business, construction, real estate, manufacturing, technology, innovation, finance, science and numerous other areas.


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