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When you are seeking expert witnesses for litigation matters, it is paramount to hire highly credentialed professionals with many years of experience in the specific field of study that your case involves.

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LITILI Group Expert Examination Peer Review and Bill Review Services

LITILI Group's Expert Value Added Services

LITILI Group provides independent examinations, peer review, and related services. Our thoroughness, expertise, and dedication of our approach is evident. There are numerous legal and procedural requirements, we help clients navigate them all for optimal resource resolutions.


Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs)

Independent medical examinations are performed by credentialed physicians, instead of the treating provider, to establish an informed expert opinion on the validity and nature of a diagnosis.  In preparation, all medical records are collected and questions prepared for the physician examiner to ensure all the relevant issues are addressed.  Final reports are quality assured, tailored to meet state-specific and turn around time requirements, and available on LITILI Group’s or respective client portal. In the event of arbitration or litigation, expert testimony, a specialty among our credentialed physicians, provides an informed evidence-based opinion about the questions in the case. 

Peer Reviews

Peer Reviews are paper-based evaluations prepared by credentialed physicians to provide an informed expert opinion about the appropriateness of care, medical necessity and related issues.  The review type, prospective, current, retrospective, medical-legal, or appeal, is specified by the client, including whether physician peer or nurse to physician discussions are required. All medical records are collected, and questions prepared for the physician reviewer. Final reports are quality assured, tailored to meet state-specific content and turn around time requirements and available on  LITILI Group’s or respective client portal.


Bill Reviews

Bill Review service offerings examine the specific medical care rendered and how its relevance and cost conform to industry accepted standards of care. The services are evidence-based, defensible and durable. Bill Reviews are prepared in accordance with industry guidelines and consistent with most jury instructions. Straightforward in their simplicity and understated in their power as an effective negotiation tool, Bill Reviews are used to facilitate the adjudication, settlement or resolution of a medical bill or claim, providing a standard for compensability relative to reasonable and necessary medical expenses.

Record Reviews

Our case managers facilitate Record Review services performed by a credentialed physician with extensive experience whose medical specialty is relevant to the case.  The physician will perform a comprehensive review of medical records and diagnostic studies.   Record reviews are a cost-effective way to evaluate cases when an initial physical examination is not requested. Final reports are quality assured and tailored to meet the client’s turnaround time requirements as well as specific questions and issues that the expert is asked to address. 

Medical expert witnesses, experts in the medical field.

Site Reviews

LITILI Group provides independent exam site inspections for clients to ensure that standards are being met for proper administration of licensing exams and credential renewals for all industries.

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