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When you are seeking expert witnesses for litigation matters, it is paramount to hire highly credentialed professionals with many years of experience in the specific field of study that your case involves.

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LITILI Group Helps Attorneys Find the Right Expert Witnesses for Their Legal Cases

An expert alone doesn’t always build a strong case or provide defensible testimony.


LITILI Group is dedicated to providing only the best expert witness services. All of our experts are highly credentialed in the areas that are most relative to the issues in your legal cases. We cover the entire United States.

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LITILI Group is an expert witness provider backed by nearly 20 years of experience, working directly with personal injury attorneys offices, insurance companies, medical organizations and public institutions.

Our team of strategists goes far beyond the traditional expert witness referral service by reviewing the facts of cases to obtain answers from our group of experts with the goal of finding the highest credentialed professional that can provide expert testimony most relevant to the case.


You choose the most relevant expert from our pool of highly credentialed professionals.

Specialty Case Areas

Medical Expert Witnesses

Our medical expert witnesses are highly credentialed and capable of expert testimony in a variety of fields and specialties.

Business Litigation

Business expert witnesses encompass a vast array of corporate matters including valuations, earnings, goodwill and lost profits.

Real Estate

LITILI provides attorneys, insurance companies and other agencies with the top expert witnesses in all areas of real estate.

Construction Experts

Our construction experts have the expertise to provide testimony regarding standards of care, mediation and construction costs.

Engineering Professionals

LITILI maintains a comprehensive network of qualified and credentialed engineering experts across a variety of industry fields.

Environmental Law

Our environmental experts offer consultation services on a number of issues including health, safety and forensic analysis.

Product Liability

Our product liability experts are experienced in issues involving consumer product design, product safety and warnings.

Accident Reconstruction

Our accident reconstruction experts help determine the two important issues of accident reconstruction: causation and avoidance.

Why Choose LITILI Group Expert Witnesses Services?

For over a decade, LITILI Group has been a leading expert services provider of highly credentialed expert witness services to attorney offices, insurance companies and public organizations.

Expert witnesses are critical in practically every phase of legal proceedings. If your case involves specialized issues, you need a credible and accomplished expert witness by your side so that judges and jury members will trust that opinion. Expert witness services provider, the LITILI Group’s process ensures that you have only the most qualified and appropriate expert witness for your case.

Experts are ready to testify

Written opinions are submitted on time

Expert support staff ready every step

Experts are highly credentialed

Experts are background checked

Experienced in legal matters

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Service Areas

Our services cover all 50 States

LITILI Group’s Expert Witness Selection Process

Our process involves a straightforward and detailed plan to find the perfect witness for your critical litigation case. 


Our team works directly with you or representation to understand the details of your case.


We build a fact sheet used to confidentially present to our database of experts.


We find the most qualified expert that meets the requirements and facts of your case.


Our team coordinates with the expert to provide communication and be available for your schedule.

LITILI is Trusted by top Attorneys, Insurance Companies and Organizations.

Testimonials from a few of our satisfied clients.

Expert Witnesses who Leave no Doubt.

LITILI Group is home to one of the most comprehensive network of  highly credentialed experts including Board Certified health care and medical expert witnesses. 

By focusing solely on the litigation aspects of specialized fields, we have cultivated a network of expert witnesses spanning more than 200 specialty areas. We put this experience to work for you every day, connecting you with unparalleled expert witnesses and unrivaled support.

Our Experts are: Yes
Board certified (when applicable)
Experienced in practice area
Background checked
Experienced in litigation matters

Innovative Legal Insights

Litigation Legal Insight Group is a growing database of experts becoming one of the largest resources in the industry. Attorneys choose LITILI Group because we make finding a qualified, certified forensic expert efficient and effortless. Our support team will:

Find the right expert for your case from our comprehensive database.


Coordinate with the expert on your behalf.


Track all legal appointments until the case is concluded.


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