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Environmental Law Expert Witnesses

Get Your Environmental Law Expert From LITILI Group

Benefits of an Environmental Law Expert Witness

Our environmental law expert witnesses offer consultation services on a number of issues involving environmental science including health, safety, and forensic analysis.
LITILI environmental law experts witnesses may also contribute expert testimony regarding EPA regulations and the National Environmental Protection Act. Environmental statutes contain requirements for the reporting of certain situations.

Our environmental experts understand the legal obligations to report certain environmental information and know the penalties for reporting false information or for not reporting these issues at all. An environmental expert is invaluable because of their ability to advise lawyers on complex scientific and regulatory concerns.

Environmental law expert witness, get your expert.

When an Environmental Law Expert Witness is Key to Building Your Case

Finding the right environmental law expert witness for your case can be a challenge. From contamination and pollution to liability and impact; our experts are ready to testify. Our group of experts include successful professionals from all aspects of the world of environmental law across multiple areas.

You may need an environmental law expert witness for the following areas:

Fungal Contamination

Respiratory Concerns

Analyzing & Modeling Data

Hazardous Materials

Tree Root Damage

Researching & Experimenting

Ventilation Issues

Fallen Tree Injury

Geology & Earth Science

Environmental Law Expert Specialty Fields at LITLI Group

Our environmental expert witnesses cover a wide array of specialties and fields across multiple sectors and practices involving environmental law and liability.

Environmental Field Experts
Air Quality
Environmental Compliance
Flood Damage
Forensic Analysis
Hazardous Waste
Molds & Fungus
Environmental Field Experts
Soil & Water Contamination
Sound Quality
Tree Root Damage
Tree Safety
Geology & Geography
Environmental Field Experts
Flood Damage
Underwater Inspection
Hazardous Materials
Chemical Impact
Oil & Gas Impact
and more...

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