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When you are seeking expert witnesses for litigation matters, it is paramount to hire highly credentialed professionals with many years of experience in the specific field of study that your case involves.

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Product Liability Expert Witnesses

Product Liability Expert Witnesses

When the outcome of a products liability action hinges on the opinions or testimony of expert witnesses, that’s where we come in.


The LITILI Group has curated relationships with more than 8,000 testifying and non-testifying expert witnesses. We work with leading law firms and insurance companies to provide and manage the full array of expert witnesses that are needed to defend product liability cases in state and federal court.


Litili’s experts (testifying and non-testifying) have collaborated with litigators and trial lawyers on a wide range of products liability disputes, including the following:


  • In a lawsuit brought in CA State Superior Court, alleging that defectively manufactured freezer equipment cased a fire that caused millions of dollars of property damage at a retail location, fire construction produced a report that concluded that fire was caused by improper storage of the freezer. Shortly thereafter, case settled on favorable terms.


  • In a lawsuit alleging that underground take and those at propane fueling station suffered from design defect that caused improperly running over the hose with forklifts.


  • In a lawsuit alleging that a gym and workout facility was responsible for injuries sustained by user of exercise equipment, expert witness opined that injuries were not caused by alleged failure to warn how to use the equipment.



We have identified a range of causation and stand-of-care experts that are particularly relevant to products liability disputes.

  • Fire Reconstruction
  • Biomechanics
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Toxicology
  • Safety Engineering
  • Accident Reconstruction




We go far beyond typical expert witness directories.


High-stakes product liability litigation requires much more than searching on-line for a self- described expert. This is why we have developed a structured approach to service law firms, insurance companies, and government entities.


Our Commitment



For more than 10 years we have been exclusively focused to help lawyers, insurance companies and government entities defend high-stakes cases.



Since its inception, LITILI has been committed to providing a comprehensive suite of services relating to the retention and management of expert witnesses. We have worked with hundreds of law firms ranging from leading litigators to panel counsel for insurance carriers and AM Law 200 firms.



We are honored by the trust that has been placed in us by clients including:


  • Allstate
  • Farmers Insurance
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • Safeco Insurance
  • State Farm
  • United State Air Force


To find out how LITILI can provide and manage the process of working with expert witnesses in product liability actions, reach out to our case managers by booking a call, or requesting an expert.