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Author: Litili Group

Expert witness role.

Unless you have experience with litigation and the legal field, you probably think of a court case revolving around the judge, jury, each side’s participants, and the legal teams for each side. That is the core of a functioning courtroom, but there’s a very special role that needs to be filled in most situations, as well.  In fact, this special role is one of the most...

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Courtroom body language.

When you think of winning a court case, you think about building an argument, getting all the right witnesses, leveraging the most smoking-gun evidence, and generally focusing on things that simply can’t be debated with ease. You want a bulletproof argument.  Those things are all crucial, and they definitely help you win a case, but there’s something else that you might not have thought about.  Your body...

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Litigation and technology.

Technology has advanced at an astounding rate across practically every facet of modern life. Our cars are exponentially more complicated than they were just a decade or two ago, our communication devices are supercomputers compared to what we had just a decade prior, and everything from our manufacturing methods to how we deliver packages has become akin to a sci-fi film.  However, one field that hasn’t...

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Legal dispute.

Most commonly, the issues between two parties, or two entities, are handled with official litigation. Litigation is a complex and time-consuming process that requires a large number of resources to finish with an optimal result, but luckily, there are alternatives that might be better options in many situations.  One of the best ways to handle a dispute, outside of coming to a mutual agreement without any...

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Virtual litigation.

There is no turning back as the legal landscape changes under our feet. The courtroom is undergoing an intriguing change as the globe embraces digital innovation. The benefits of virtual litigation are impossible to ignore, and lawyers worldwide are taking note. Imagine Zoom meetings for the legal sector instead of the business world. Interesting, huh? The Historical Context of In-Person Trials Before diving into the modern era, let’s...

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Expert witness testimony importance.

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern business and technological innovation, intellectual property (IP) stands as a cornerstone. These unique creations of the mind, whether inventions, artistic works, or brand symbols, have tangible value, and protecting them is a legal imperative. Alongside the complexities of IP law comes the significance of expert witness testimonies in intellectual property litigation. These testimonies play a crucial role by offering specialized knowledge,...

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Ethics in litigation.

Litigation is a complex process built on the entirety of American history. Since the beginning, the judicial system has slowly ironed out kinks in the process to make it more reliable, focused on justice, and fair. However, even though courtrooms have a vast wealth of precedents, laws, and general guidelines to work with, litigation ethics isn’t perfect. There always seems to be something novel that the courtroom...

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E discovery in virtual litigation.

The legal field has seen a lot of changes in recent years. Technology has advanced faster than ever before, and as it has become such a major part of our society, it has become an important part of litigation. That has complicated many traditional aspects of court proceedings and introduced new concepts that are both difficult to understand at first and a bit of a...

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Legal precedents.

The US has an extensive list of laws that you would think cover every little possibility, but in reality, it tends to come up short more often than not. This is because, while extensive, there is a lot of room for grey areas, various interpretations, and simply poorly-worded laws that create loopholes. Because of that, many of the standards you see in today’s legal field are...

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