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Author: Litili Group

Learn if non-testifying expert witnesses have attorney-client privilege?

The privileges and responsibilities of expert witnesses, even non-testifying expert witnesses, can be complex. There are simply too many ways they differ from traditional factual witnesses, and that’s unfortunate.   Because of how integral expert witnesses are to the litigation process, not understanding exactly what they are allowed to do, and what they are not allowed to do, can create problems with your case.   Today, we’re going to...

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Find out if an Expert Witness can Opine on Someone’s State of Mind?

Expert witnesses are absolutely crucial to most trials. They provide valuable insight that can sway jurors, strengthen your arguments, and ultimately, win cases.   However, because these witnesses are so useful, and they aren’t actually involved in the events being disputed in court, they have some fairly complex rules that must be followed.   One of the major rules that you need to consider before hiring an expert witness,...

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Find out how does a product liability expert explain the liability?

Any time you purchase a product, you trust that the product is going to work as intended. As in, it’s not going to harm you when used properly, and it doesn’t pose any unnecessary risks. Obviously, some products carry innate risks that you assume when purchasing them; such as cleaning agents or things that utilize gas. However, it is the company’s job to ensure there...

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How Does a Medical Expert Explain the Applicable Standard of Care During Surgery?

In the medical field, doctors, surgeons, nurses, and all other applicable staff deal with a wide range of situations. Some, such as helping a patient find relief from a common cold or stitching up a minor cut, are fairly straightforward. Others, such as administering life-saving medications to the terminally ill or performing emergency surgeries to repair traumatic wounds, are a bit more complicated.   In any case,...

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This is the coming increase in toxic tort PFAS Litigation

Expert witnesses have long played a crucial role in toxic tort and environmental litigation. Most notably, the passage in 1980 of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) authorized the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to clean up “Superfund” hazardous and chemical waste sites.  This of course has led to decades of litigation involving who is a Potentially Responsible Parties and the costs of...

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When you're headed into a court battle, eyewitnesses and hard evidence are key components of your case. However, whether you're defending yourself or seeking justice or compensation, there's another tool you can use to help prove your case and walk away with optimal results: An expert witness.   An expert witness can make or break a case due to their high level of knowledge on a topic...

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