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Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness Services in Nevada

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Benefits of an Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness

LITILI accident reconstruction expert witnesses in Nevada help determine the two important issues of any accident reconstruction: causation and avoidance. Our accident reconstruction expert collects and analyzes available evidence to determine what happened in the accident and how it occurred and whether the accident could have been avoided.
Our experts testify on cases that involve post-collision fires, vehicle rollovers, restraint system defects, collision severity, impact speeds, and seat belt & airbag defects.
Accident reconstruction experts in Nevada help legal counsel make a determination whether driver error and/or other human factors were significant contributing factors.

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When an Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness is Key to Building Your Case

While the expert would have a background in the subject field for the material in the case, he or she would need to use various methods of deducing when certain items occurred. This may depend on the evidence or the factors of the claim. Weather and natural phenomena may lead the investigation in one direction while human factors could derail the research into the matter. The reconstruction requires methods and processes that the professional uses to determine the elements and timing. He or she may even use sophisticated computer programming to help discover different issues at play.

Answers to certain questions are possible through an accident reconstruction expert witness in Nevada with various incidents on the road, in the sky, in the water or when additional factors confuse the matter. The professional may provide details about the speeds related to the accident if the collision was avoidable, sight distances for objects, the severity of the collision and subsequent damage and if code violations occurred at the time of the incident.

Even for less severe issues, the expert may provide information and answers to include the collision event and related factors that might have caused the impact and surrounding damage.

Injury Causation

Product Liability

Brake & Airbag Performance

Human Factors



Accident Reconstruction Expert Specialty Fields at LITLI Group

Our accident reconstruction expert witnesses cover a wide array of specialties and fields across multiple industries and areas of practice.

Accident Field Experts
Traffic Accidents
Law Enforcement
Product Liability
Automobile Engineering
Emergency Medicine
Accident Field Experts
Fire Fighting
Weather Factors
Highway Engineering
Accidental Death
and more...

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